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Hearing and Balance
Hearing disorders are a very common problem that affect people of all ages and walks of life. Hearing loss can affect young children with recurring ear infections or older patients with age and/or noise related hearing decline. Hearing loss is known as a “silent handicap”, because it is not readily apparent to others. Clinica ENT has highly trained doctors of audiology who provide thorough, accurate, and convenient audiologic testing. This testing includes:
- Basic hearing tests, which measure hearing thresholds at different pitches as well as the ability to understand speech.
- Tympanograms, which measure the middle ear pressure and the ability to transmit sound vibrations into the inner ear.
- Audiometry Brainstem Response (ABR), which can measure the hearing sensitivity for infants & children.
- Videonystagmogram (VNG) testing, which measures the function of the balance apparatus in the inner ear.
Once a diagnosis is made, your doctor will discuss medical treatments, surgical treatments, or rehabilitation with hearing aids or other assistive listening devices.
Sound Hearing, a subsidiary of Clinica ENT, provides a medically integrated approach to patients who need hearing aids or other assistive listening devices. This improves our patients’ hearing by addressing both medical problems and hearing aid amplification issues in a collaborative approach. This approach has been proven to increase patients’ success and satisfaction with hearing aids