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About Us

Clinica is the first ENT specialized center in Egypt.
The idea of a specialized center was first initiated by the Dental and Ophthalmology centers which is a great idea for the patient where he finds integrated service in the field of specialization without having to look in other places.
At Clinica we are keen at providing the following:
Providing outstanding crew of professors and Consultants field of ear, nose and throat, together with audiology, vestibular diseases and voice and speech disorders. Our faculty doctors are a gathering of different schools of medicine : University professors, Egyptian scientific institutes and holders of international certificates and different experiences like American board and German diploma.
. The latest devices for diagnosis and treatment of the related diseases including high resolution cameras, microscopes & advanced therapeutic lasers.
. Distinguished nursing, reception employees and internal staff.
. Comfortable patient rooms for accomodation.
. Intensive care unit.
. 2 operating theaters with the highest & latest equipments.
. Audioliogy clinic for the diagnose of the diseases of hearing and balance according to the international standards.
. Phoniatric clinic.
. Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic.
. Neurology and pain management Clinic for problems headache and various painful conditions.
Our patients feel great interest and high quality health care at the level of international medical centers.
Clinica Is the beginning of a dream to start other clinics inside and outside Egypt in the Gulf area , the Nile Valley and North Africa. With proper planning and hard work according to the international quality standards, dream will be a reality.